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Young Stars has been developed to create a network of family and community leaders to encourage, develop and support our most valuable resource - (Our Youth). Young Stars use athletics as a vehicle to prepare young student athletes for the much more important game of life! Young Stars Elite AAU travel basketball teams have represented Alabama in national AAU tournaments several years in a row and have now completed their high school careers. Special thanks to Coaches Hoop and Red for their hard work and dedication. A very special thanks and best future wishes to Young Stars Elite:   Please take a moment and review our video at the bottom of the page. Disney World is a favorite among AAU national travel teams. So much discipline and hard work (on the court and in the classroom) is required to play and be effective on the next level. The Young Stars Family will now develop and organize the NBL (Neighborhood Basketball League) The NBL will consist of boys and girls ages 10 - 17 in city and county neighborhoods Games will be played throughout the year in neighborhood gyms and recreation centers. The NBL will also develop a mentoring group and parents organization as part of the league structure.

                             Our Mission Is Simple:

                             To Create Young Stars


Joe Brown:

Masten Boys Club Past Director

Cell Phone: (205) 527-1675

Fax: (205) 510-0095

Facebook: youngstarsbasketballinc


Young Stars Elite In Disney World