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Young Stars 12U Sunday Schedule

Sept 11th

3pm: Hoover vs The Family 

4pm: Elite Hoops vs The Swish

5pm: The Jets vs. Family

Sept 18th

3pm: Hoover vs. The Swish

4pm: Alabama Prep Academy Clinic

5pm: Elite Hoops vs. Jets

Sept 25th

3pm: Hoover vs. Family 2

4pm: The Swish vs. The Jets

5pm: The Family vs. Elite Hoops

Oct 2nd

4pm: The Jets vs. Hoover

5pm: Family 2 vs. Elite Hoops

6pm: The Swish vs. The Family

Oct 9th

3pm: Elite Hoops vs. Hoover

4pm: The Jets vs. The Family

5pm: Family 2 vs. The Swish

October 16th

3pm: The Family vs. Hoover

4pm: Elite Hoops vs. The Swish

5pm: The Jets vs. Family 2

Oct 23rd

3pm: Hoover vs. The Swish

4pm: The Family vs. Family 2

5pm: Elite Hoops vs. The Jets

October 30th (Post Season Play)

Game 1 @ 3pm: 3rd Place Team vs. 4th Place Team

Game 2 @ 4pm: 2nd Place Team vs. 5th Place Team

Game 3 @ 5pm: 1st Place Team vs. 6th Place Team

Team with the highest point total will draw a bye and play Championship Game @ 7:30pm

Game 4 @ 6:15pm: Winner of Games 1-3










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